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Welcome to Study in Chongqing China!

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Admission Requirements

 →Be non-Chinese citizens and holder of foreign passport

 →Promise to obey Chinese laws and regulations as well as rules of CQVIE

 →Have high school diploma or graduation certificate 

→The holder of HSK 3 certificate or pass the test of CQVIE

 →Be aged 18 to 25, and meet China physical examination requirements


Application Procedures

→The applicant can get the application materials from the Division of International Office of Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering at cqviegjxy@cqvie.edu.cn. 

→The following application materials should be scanned and sent gjc@cqvie.edu.cn.

1.Application Form for Overseas Candidates to Study at Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering. (Applicant’s recent photo is needed)

2.Passport copy

3.Diploma or Certificate (officially verified and translated into Chinese or English)

4.Academic Record (officially verified and translated into Chinese or English)

5.Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Scanned)

6.Non-Criminal Record

7.2 Recommendation Letters    

8.Resume (translated into Chinese or English )

9.Bank remittance receipt for registration fee

Tuition&Bedroom Rates 

Tuition14,000RMB per academic year

 Bedroom Rates:

       Single room 6000RMB per academic year

Double room3000 RMB per academic year

Four-person room 1500 RMB per academic year



The applicants who incline to study in CQVIE for more than one year could apply for one of the following scholarship:

●Chongqing Municipal Mayor Scholarships for Overseas Students  8,000 to 10,000 yuan RMB per academic year

● CQVIE Scholarship for Overseas Students

First Prize :100% of the tuition

Second Prize:80% of the tuition

Third Prize:60% of the tuition


Where to apply


Web: www.cqvie.edu.cn

Add.: No.1 Nanbei Ave., Binjiangxincheng, Jiangjin District, Chongqing, China, 402260

Phone: +86 023 61065970

Email: cqviegjxy@cqvie.edu.cn

Please note: all documents should be in English or Chinese.scanned copy of documents is acceptable.