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Relying on the local industry development of Chongqing, CQVIE insists on the school running idea as“taking students as the main roles and quality as the core, striving for the development through the quality, creating the brand through the unique feature”committed to cultivating the composite innovative technology skilled talents with high quality of"pioneering, pragmatic, struggle, dedication".

CQVIE has 700 staff, including 72 professors, 162 associate professors, 42PhDs , 268 masters,350 “double-qualification and double-skill”teachers,1 National Level Teaching Group,18 National Level experts,7 Chongqing Municipal Teaching Groups and 65 Chongqing Municipal experts.The college employs the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Pro.Renhuai Liu as our honorary chancellor,and 16 famouse experts such as the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Pro.Zhenqi Song,the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Pro.Jinsheng Ning etc., as our visiting professors.The collegealso employs more than 300 industry experts and enterprise experts as the part-time teachers.

CQVIE now has 8 national key majors,7 Chongqing Municipal key majors.It has established 3 national  high-quality courses,3 national high-quality resource sharing courses,3 Teaching Committee high-quality courses,11 Chongqing Municipal high-quality courses,3 Chongqing Municipal video open courses.It won one national teaching achievement award and 9 Chongqing Municipal teaching achievement awards.

On October 27th of 2015, CQVIE and ZTE Corporation ( for short as the "ZTE") have signed the "Ministry of Education - ICT industry innovation base cooperation agreement ”.Both parties choose several ICT majors to promote the university-enterprise cooperation education together.To carry out and service the national strategy of "one belt,one road" and the spirit of “promote co-construction the‘one belt,one road’ educational action”, CQVIE and ZTE have signed the “CQVIE - ZTE serving for the national strategy of ‘one belt,one road’ international cooperation agreement”to establish the“One Belt,One Road”International School in China and Silk Road International School overseas together.

In 2012,CQVIE set up a joint class majoring in Foreign Accounting cooperated with Bendigo Kangan Institute of Australia which was allowed by the Ministry of Education.After studying for three years,students will get the diplomas from CQVIE and Bendigo Kangan Institute of Australia,which are all allowed by China and Australia.Graduates can choose work in China or apply for the further education in Australia or other countries.